'Tis the Season to Praise Satan

by the BCASA

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All proceeds from the sale of this album between now and December 25th 2014 will go to The Sun Youth Organization (sunyouthorg.com)

They are an organization that, among other things, gives food and presents to lower income families in the Montreal area for Hanukkah and Christmas. And that's fucking cool.

After the 25th, all you broke and selfish people can download it for free! Huzzah!


released December 3, 2014

All songs written by Nick Raz (except for a couple words that may of may not have been borrowed from Eminem and Dr Dre), with the help of two huge dummies
Instruments recorded at Turbo Haus by Tarzan, with thanks to those dummies
Vocals recorded in the Barn, with thanks to Nick DiClaudio
Artwork by Angus Byers
Mixed and mastered by Tarzan



all rights reserved
Track Name: Docking Around the Christmas Tree

Every single Christmas eve
I can never fall asleep
And when I do, I've rotten dreams
Of Satan and that Christmas tree

He shouts the number of the beast
And cackles through his demon teeth

With evil grin, and stretched foreskin
I'm set for docking deep within


Docking 'round the Christmas Tree
Track Name: Santa Killed JFK
Santa Claus has come to Dallas Texas bringing death
With a sniper rifle in his hand, and bourbon on his breath
With strained relations, with the invasion of the Bay of Pigs
The CIA got ol' Saint Nick to modify his naughty list

Because the North Pole and the Grassy Knoll are one and the same
'Cause Santa Killed JFK
Yeah Santa Killed JFK

Well Oswald was a patsy, but alas that sucker's dead
And it wasn't no damn soviets, but still his suit was red
And there must have been some magic in that bullet that he found
For when he missed the president it bounced right back around

Chris Kringle, pumps him full of Ho-Ho-Holes, as Jackie screams his name
'Cause Santa Killed JFK
Yeah Santa Killed JFK

You better watch out, and you better not cry
You better not pout, I'm telling you why
He's making a list, he's checking it twice
He's gonna find out who's naughty or nice

Because his good list, does not exist, unless you play their game
'Cause Santa Killed JFK
Yeah Santa Killed JFK

Nowadays everybody wanna talk
Like they got something to say, but nothing comes out
When they move their lips, it's just a bunch of gibberish
And motherfuckers act like they forgot about...
Santa Claus killing JFK
Track Name: Deck the Halls 2: The Rise of Lord Satan
Deck the halls, the lord's awakened
'Tis the season to praise Satan

Don we now our cloaks of darkness
Morning star now reigns upon us


See the blazing goat of Sabbath
A pentagram atop his palace

Raise the tree and wait for Santa
Praise the true dark lord and master


Deck the halls, the Lord's awakened
'Tis the season to praise Satan

Follow me in joyless measure
While you die for Satan's pleasure

Track Name: Reptoid Humanoid Christmas
Is it bird, a plane, a sleigh or a flying saucer?
It's quite possible, Santa's an impostor
Check the signs, and skies, see it's evident
Green men are posing as Santa and the president
Who would've figured, that Kris Kringle
The gift giver's a shape-shifter who's come to get ya
A green lizard from Alpha Draconis
Come to planet Earth to enslave and to own us

Naughty girls, naughty boys
Want to get, lots of toys
Write your lists, praise your lord
Don't you be wishing for
A Reptoid Humanoid Christmas

The all-seeing eye on the pyramid
Found on your dollar bills' belongs to Ol' Saint Nick
And those who spend are on the good list
Those who don't are terrorists and communists, put 'em on the naughty list
The politicians and Father Christmas
Are greed breeding, baby eating, shape shifting beings
Who make the rich get richer and the poor get poorer
'Cause all they want for Christmas is a New World Order

Naughty girls, naughty boys
Want to get, lots of toys
Write your lists, praise your lord
Don't you be wishing for
A Reptoid Humanoid Christmas

'Twas the night before Christmas and all through the Earth
The reptoids ruled congress, the banks and the church
And we, as true citizens heeding the call
Spent all of our money at Cavendish mall
On all kinds of bullshit that we'll never need
To appease Ol' Saint Nick in his palace of greed
While President Reptoid sits up in his tower
Unwrapping his parcels of money and power
For Christmas

A Reptoid Humanoid Christmas
Track Name: Jesus was Black (and Reagan was the Devil)
He flies in his vessel, white Santa, white Devil arrives
As white girls sing carols, he spreads crack through the ghettos and rides

On Blitzen and Dasher, the country's true masters oblige
You to all zip your lips as they bribe you with gifts in the night

Sends drugs to the ghetto, decrees Christ a gringo
Though they've got Chris Kringle, my bells never jingle

'Cause Jesus was Black
And Reagan was the Devil

If slavery's abolished, why're Cupid and Comet in chains?
Applied Reaganomics turned prisons for profits and gain

Praise Christ our true saviour with elves as free labour or slaves
Though they ain't in prison, the North Pole still treats 'em the same

I want nothing of this foul holiday ruckus
AmeriKKKa's around and above us

Though Jesus was Black
And Reagan was the Devil

Merry Christmas, you mother fucker
Don't bring gold, or frankincense, or myrrh
Bring the head of Satan on a spike
To put atop our Christmas tree tonight